The AniPuro quality promise

All our products are manufactured in our own production facility in Oer-Erkenschwick. We attach great importance to our quality and have our company audited annually according to the "IFS" food standard - "higher level" is the verdict of the certifying authority. 

Make your four-legged friend a delicious joy!


This is what our brand AniPuro stands for:

  • Species-appropriate dog and cat snacks 
  • High protein content
  • Gentle oven drying
  • No added sugar or soy  
  • Grain-free recipes 
  • No animal testing 

All AniPuro natural snacks are gently oven-dried and are the ideal snack for a long chewing fun due to their consistency. They not only strengthen the chewing muscles, but can also support daily dental care. Your dog will love AniPuro! 

The snacks consist of only one animal protein source: pork, beef or chicken. So even nutritionally sensitive dogs get a taste of AniPuro! Treat your dog with a clear conscience.

Highest quality - Gently oven-dried - Made in Germany  

Your faithful companion has learned a new command? Reward him with selected AniPuro snacks. Your furry friend shows you his affection every day? Give him a piece of love back: with AniPuro treats! 

Our snacks are based on the basic idea of clean labeling. The short ingredient lists show you that we make our products as natural as possible. We completely avoid the addition of sugar or soy and the use of preservatives, colorants or other artificial additives. All recipes are grain-free and contain only one animal protein source.

With these delicacies you make your four-legged friend a delicious joy! 

Monoprotein - Clean Label - Made in Germany

Our brand name is composed of the two parts "Ani" and "Puro". 

"Ani" comes from the word "animal". The ingredients of our products are always based on the animal component. Whether beef, pork, chicken, venison or turkey - we have the right in our assortment for every furry nose.

"Puro" is derived from the word "pureness". On the one hand, "purity" stands for the use of only one animal protein source in each snack. On the other hand, it reflects the clean labeling idea, i.e. the complete absence of artificial additives or the addition of sugar or soy.